Memories, Pain, and Gin

Memories, Pain, and Gin Book Cover

No one should have to face the death of their own child. John Wilson’s daughter, Anna, was exceptionally beautiful and intelligent. She received a full scholarship to study at Harvard in the fall. Anna wanted to stay in Kentucky with her horses and her crack addicted mother. John had to leave for an adjustment that he had to make in Lexington and wanted to spend time with Anna before she started school. The adjustment was to be made on an innocent suburbanite who had developed a piece of electric equipment that would cost the government billions of dollars, and maybe a few lives.

Back home, John’s friend Fat Henry dies. The ghosts that live in John’s memories come back as he struggles with convincing Anna to keep her destiny and reconciling the orders he received to kill a man whose only crime in life was being happy in suburbia. When Anna dies, John’s world unravels.


Danny Yarger, MD received his undergraduate degree from Cumberland College and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Kentucky. He was conceived in Spain, born in Texas, raised in the ghettos of Detroit, educated in Kentucky and now spends his time saving lives and curing diseases as a Yooper. When not working, he can be found at the lake with his wife, children, dogs, cats, and other sundry animals.